Pittsboro Drywall Crew

Pittsboro drywall crew

Meet your Pittsboro Drywall Crew! My name is Mike Faircloth, and that’s me, Mike Jr, Ronnie, and Quinton in the photo above. I started drywall work with my father in 1979. It’s been a family business that I’ve carried on right through today. In fact, my brother Sam is the best drywall contractor in Spring, Texas!

I moved to North Carolina in 1985, bringing my experience to the Chatham County area. I personally do all my own work with my sons Mike Jr, Quinton, and Ronnie – the drywall crew!

The core of my business has always been the customer. Giving you 100% satisfaction with a two year guarantee of our work.

We all stay up to date on all drywall and texture material by attending Yearly USG and Goldbond seminars. Safety is also a top priority. We protect ourselves, as well as you.

I have been married 33 years to Laura Faircloth with four kids and two grandbabies, Anthony and Owen. In my spare time, I enjoy family time, going to church on Sunday, playing baseball with the 50+ Cubs baseball team, and I love the outdoors – fishing and hunting. I also ran a small taxidermy shop for a long time up near Lake Jordan.